November 21, 2017


This week, Cory speaks to singer-songwriter and record producer Mike Posner, who is best known for having multiple Billboard Top 100 hits while also writing chart-topping songs for other artists such as Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams and more. In this weeks episode, Mike tells us details on how he got started and what he did early on to become a success, what new artists should focus on when creating a project, how music distribution has changed and how up and coming artists should decide to release their music.

“Don’t waste your time trying to be popular. Spend your time trying to be good or get better.”

Singer-songwriter Mike Posner (@MikePosner) knows that nothing worth doing is easy–you have to keep working at it. But when he signed his first record deal, he thought things would change. “I really thought that when I got that record deal, that my experience of life would change, that I would be happier and I’d be in the ‘promise land’, that just my experience of life would be exponentially better and I wouldn’t have, really, problems anymore,” says Mike.

“It didn’t make my life worse or make me more sad and more happy, it just was overwhelmingly the same. That was disappointing and disillusioning because I really thought, before, it was going to solve all my problems, and it just didn’t.” Mike then thought, “maybe I just need a big hit song or something’, and I set about acquiring that, and I did.” In 2010, Posner’s single Cooler Than Me finished #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the year and was RIAA Certified 2x Platinum.

Mike Posner talked with Cory Levy on OFF RCRD about his start as an artist, getting signed to a record deal, lessons learned from Big Sean, and much more.

 Show Notes
  • 1:06

    Mike talks about his high school and college days. “The whole thing just seemed pointless to me and it just went on for four years.”

  • 2:10

    I felt like an army of one…I’ve never felt like I was similar to everybody else, I always felt like I was different in some ways. I would express that in my music.

  • 2:49

    How Mike’s relationship with his mother has evolved

  • 4:48

    Mike talks about the key to his success. “I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction…”

  • 5:00

    “When I started to believe I could do the same thing (make it in music), I started taking actions that were lined up with my impending success.”

  • 7:07

    Mike discusses 12 years of making “mediocre” music. “When you first start it, chances are you’re going to stink at it, like anything else.”

  • 9:38

    Mike talks about Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber, and the single “Boyfriend.”

  • 11:13

    What Mike learned from Big Sean. “He tends to be glowing, so much so that it rubs off on you, you just feel happy.”

  • 13:10

    Why Mike wishes he would’ve started meditating earlier in life

  • 15:44

    “I really thought that when I got that record deal, that my experience of life would change, that I would be happier and I’d be in the ‘promise land'”.

  • 18:00

    Mike talks about his podcast What Does This All Mean?

  • 18:57

    Mike Posner’s daily routine

  • 21:30

    How Mike tries to get back on track after getting down or feeling burned out

  • 24:30

    Mike talks about his current biggest challenge–working on his new album

  • 25:25

    Cory asks “What first order principle should any new music project follow for someone just starting out?”

  • 27:06

    How many young artists waste their time and energy. “Don’t waste your time trying to be popular, spend your time on trying to be good or better.”

  • 28:31

    Why Mike pulled a stunt at the Grammy’s, and what he learned from it

  • 31:30

    How Mike goes about drawing in attention to his work

  • 32:30

    What young artists should focus on


Mike has also started his own podcast. Titled What Does This All Mean?, is an “exploratory journey into what it means to be a human.” Listen here on iTunes, and for more from Mike Posner, listen to the full episode here!

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